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    Hello and welcome to my article and video on how to trade 15 minutes binary options at Pocket Bináris opciós stratégiák 5 perc Read my Pocket Option Review here! Make sure to watch the video till the end to learn how it works exactly! Click here! Just place your order on one of the Fibonacci levels in trend direction, ensure to use longer expiration times!

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    I´m using the ICmarkets Metatrader to get professional charts and custom indicator to trade binary options at Pocket Option and Finmax! Click here to open a free demo account at IC Markets! Try This Strategy in your free demo account.

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    This strategy is perfect for consistent Trends. This will massively increase your results!

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    You can also trade my 15 Minutes binary Options Strategy in longer time frames, just ensure to choose longer expiration times if you do so! You can for sure trade this strategy with almost any binary options broker, the pending order function just takes away a lot of time and work!

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